Ross Thompson’s Selene

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Following the success of our evening of poetry ‘Re-voicing Classics’ which took place in the splendid surroundings of Queen’s University’s Canada Room, The Classical Association in Northern Ireland is very proud to present one of the poems that those in attendance had the pleasure of hearing.

From the pen of the award-winning Ross Thompson and based on the divine personification of the Moon from Greek Mythology, here is Selene.



Marie-Lan Nguyen (2006)




They found her lying in the hare’s corner,

taking the long sleep in the tall, damp grass.

Gossamer shawl drawn over her shoulders.

Cardigan buttons gleaming like cut glass.


The locket which housed two blonde baby curls

frozen tight to a freckle on her breast.

One foot was bare and straight. The other whirled

towards a pink slingback that came to rest

at the gnarled root of a weeping willow.


Who could tell which wrong path and which deep wounds

led her to lay down upon this pillow,

this bruised lawn, beneath such a bitter moon.


Still, they draped coats across her silver skin

though they knew that the cold came from within.

Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson


Endymion and Selene, by Sebastiano Ricci (1713), Chiswick House, England

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