#OdysseyLiveBelfast – Public Reading of Homer’s Odyssey in translation at Ulster Museum

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Following the success of the first Classical Association in Northern Ireland public reading of Homer’s Iliad, we are delighted to announce our second public reading event: a collaboration with the Ulster Museum.  On Saturday 17th June, from 10am, we will read of Homer’s Odyssey in the Welcome Area on the ground floor of the Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens, Belfast.


The reading will comprise books 1, 5 – 14, 16, 19, and 21 – 23, which contain the basis of the narrative of Odysseus’ homecoming.  Ten-minute reading slots may be reserved by contacting me at helenmcveigh@gmail.com, although there will be plenty of room to  sign up on the day. We are also especially keen for those who cannot attend in person to offer a video-recording which we can play to our audience on the day.

Keep a look out on our website, Twitter and Facebook feeds to hear of any further developments of events taking place as part of this #OdysseyLiveBelfast…

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at this exciting event!

Odyssey Flier

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