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1Those of you interested in the Classics may already have come across some Ovidian play on COVID-19. For this blog, I have taken ‘COVID-19’ as a reference – ‘See Ovid I.9’ Unfortunately, it does not list which work of Ovid to read, so let’s look at them all!

Not sure if these lines provide deep or meaningful, but then I am no poet and as a political historian of Late Antiquity, I barely class as a classicist… I am also not 100% sure of the translations… but hopefully it gets people wanting to read more Ovid.

3Heroides I.9 [Penelope to Ulysses]

nec mihi quaerenti spatiosam fallere noctem

nor my hand, bereft, exhaust me, working all night long

4Amores I.9

quis probet in silvis Cererem regnare iugosis,

Who’d approve of Ceres ruling the wooded hills,

5Ars Amatoria I.9

Ille quidem ferus est et qui mihi saepe repugnet:

It’s true Love’s wild, and one who often flouts me:

6Metamorphoses I.9

non bene iunctarum discordia semina rerum.

Of things at strife among themselves, for want of order due.

7Fasti I.9

invenies illic et festa domestica vobis;

And here you’ll find the festivals of your House,

8Tristia I.9

felices ornent haec instrumenta libellos:

Happier books are decorated with these things:

9Epistulae ex Ponto I.9 [To Brutus]

Non tamen accedunt, sed, ut aspicis ipse, latere

They still will not go, but as you see they think

10Remedia Amoris I.9

Quin etiam docui, qua posses arte parari,

Indeed I’ve taught, as well, by what art you can be won,


11Ibis I.9

Quisquis is est (nam nomen adhuc utcumque tacebo),

Whoever it is (for I’ll be silent still as yet about his name)

12Medicamina Faciei Femineae I.9

vellera saepe eadem Tyrio medicantur aëno;

The fleeces are dyed many times in the brazen cauldrons with Tyrian purple

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