We have created a forum where all aspects of Ancient History and the Classics can be discussed and pupil support offered on a regular basis.

We aim to offer support for you and your students as they prepare for their examinations in Classical subjects.  But we also hope that we can offer a taste of what it is like to explore the Classics at university level.

If they plan to continue their studies in Northern Ireland, or choose to go elsewhere, the Classical Association in Northern Ireland will play a role in helping to build study skills as well as developing an enthusiasm for the ancient world.

If you wish your school to become an Associate member of CANI, please get in touch.



One of the services we offer is the production of an illustrated source booklet tailored to fit your specific subject needs.

Available immediately we have –

‘The Barbarians and the Fall of Rome’

376 – 476

Natural Causes, Murder or Something Else? 

 This booklet focused on the last century of the Roman Empire in the west and the affect that barbarian invasion had on its downfall. By using primary sources – monuments, coins and quotations – and a few later pieces of art – the period is reconstructed in an informative and entertaining way.

  • The introductory section provides a Historical Outline of the period, while a Source Criticism gives a brief breakdown of the literary sources used from Ammianus to Zosimus. These are presented with advice as to how they should be treated.

  • The topic is then broken up into distinct periods within that century. These are then subdivided into sections about specific events or people such as Adrianople, the Sack of Rome, Attila the Hun etc.

  • Accompanying each quotation and image is a brief Interpretation section, to encourage the  student to question whether or not what they are being told in the source is a reliable depiction of its subject.

  • Further Reading bibliography for those students and teachers who want even more depth.

Please contact us to acquire a downloadable copy of the above Booklet

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