C.A.N.I. Event Hosted by Coleraine Historical Society


Coleraine Town Hall, 15th November 2016

Dr Peter Crawford (UCL/QUB)

presenting by invitation

The Coleraine Hoard and Romano-Irish Relations in Late Antiquity 



The rear of the hall was set up with a small museum of items of local interest. The event was free, open to the public and attended by a large, well-informed and enthusiastic crowd.

viewing       after

crowd  crowd-2

At the Coleraine Historical Society publication sales table, copies of their booklets and pamphlets, including ‘The Bann Disk’, were offered for sale.

signing-in       signing-in-3

Peter sets up the equipment . . . 


. . . as the audience continue to arrive into a packed hall

peter-ready     settling-down



Peter’s speech was lavishly illustrated with maps, photographs of relevant archaeological finds and other evidence of local material culture. He explained that he had recently viewed silver pieces of the Coleraine Hoard currently held in the British Museum. These Late Empire artefacts are incongruously curated in a gallery alongside the Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo Treasure.


The original research for Dr Crawford’s talk was made in collaboration with his colleague Dr. Raoul McLaughlin and delivered as a joint address at the inaugural meeting of CANI on 18th June, 2015 in The Senate Room, Queens University Belfast. Details of this previous illustrated talk entitled, ‘The Coleraine Hoard: Raid, Trade or Paid?’ can be found elsewhere on our website, including a review of the event.


And afterwards, the ladies provided members and guests with a cup of tea as lively discussions ensued around the subject matter of Peter’s speech.

tea-table   dsc_0468  teatime

There was a chance for the public to ask Peter about his research and congratulate him on the excellent delivery of his presentation.

questions     questions-3  questions-4

Our thanks to the Coleraine Historical Society for their collaboration with the CANI team in arranging this event and for their kind hospitality

It was a great night – thank you all




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